Program lunges

Group training utilizes current Pro-Athlete style training techniques that focus on:

Burning Fat
Getting Toned
Increasing Lean Muscle a safe, supportive, and fun environment!
Program Squats

Exercises are modified to suit each person's ability. Beginners are taught step-by-step. Advanced individuals looking for the next challenge, you've found it, guaranteed. Complete beginners, team athletes and yoga & pilates instructors all come to us for our challenging style of full body conditioning.

Bands Punch
 ‎"I've been in a state of total lethargy for a very long time and have needed something to shake me out of that slump. With Alive Fitness, I feel a sense of accountability. Their knowledgeable coaching has helped me begin a life of activity once again."
- Anoop T. 

Program stairs

Go further ...

Program pushups

achieve your goals ...

"Before joining Alive Fitness I was not making any progress with my own workout regime, but after receiving awesome guidance from their instructors, I now know how it feels to really work out!"
- Tammy J.

Core situps

"I am at least three times as strong – more in some areas – as I was at the beginning."
-Gerry E. 


Core upper abs

...achieve a new you!